Frequently Asked Questions

At Sugarox, personalized orders start at 4kgs or 8.8 pounds, this allows for simple designs with up to 5 leters. The design of your candy will determine the minimum candy required to complete your order. Below is a reference for you to use which may help you decide how much candy it will take to complete your order.

  • 4kg (8.8 pounds) up to 5 letters
  • 5kg (11 pounds) up to 7 letters
  • 6kg (13.2 pounds) up to 9 letters
  • 7kg (15.4 pounds) up to 10 letters
  • 8 kg (17.6 pounds) up to 11 letters
  • 9kg (19.8 pounds) up to 13 letters
  • 10 kg (22 pounds) up to 16 letters

Because everything at Sugarox is made by hand, its important to plan our production in advance. In general we will deliver within three weeks, and up to five weeks between orders placed between October 31st thru November 22.

If you need your candy sooner please contact us at, before placing your order and let us know when you need your candy and we will let you know if we can have it for you on time.

We pack your candy in 2 kg (4.4 pounds) bag and ship inside a sturdy box. 4.4 pounds might sound like a lot, but its actually not that much, think the the size of a large re-sealable zipper storage bags. .

You bet! But because candy tends to absorb the moisture in the air, its important you re pack you candy in air tight containers, otherwise your candy will become sticky. We guarantee the quality of the candy as long as it remains in its original sealed presentation.When re-packing your candy, please choose a container that is air tight. Also make sure that while your re-packing your candy, do so in a cool and dry enviorment.

Sugar is a natural conservative, so your candy will keep looking and tasting great for up to 12 months, after this your candy will start loosing some if its intense flavor, and may cloud up a little, but it's still good to eat for up to 18 months.

No. You can make your candy using whatever color/flavor combination, for example green apple flavor, with orange and black stripes, or watermelon flavor with silver, blue and pink stripes, just remember that each order will have the flavor and color combination you define.

We use Isomalt (beet root sugar) to make our sugar free candy. Isomalt is aproved by the FDA as a sugar substitute suitable for diabetics, and for people regulating the amount of sugar in their diets.

No, all our candy is gluten and nut free. We only use sugar, corn syrup, coloring and natural identical flavoring.

We believe that sweets should be special.